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EasyBird Oscillating Base

EasyBird Auto Feed Oscillating Base

Increase your challenge, fun and skill with the EasyBird® Auto-Feed Oscillating Base. Designed for the EasyBird® Auto-Feed, Auto-Feed Doubles or Auto-Feed 6-Packer electric traps, it provides horizontal variation to each throw. With two ranges of horizontal motion, including a full 45 degree option and an alternative "two hole" setting that matches regulation trap throwing angles, the EasyBird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base allows you to bring professional-grade practice anywhere you want to shoot. It even comes with an independent on/off switch to convert from stationary to angling targets.

Features & Benefits

  • Oscillator can be used with EasyBird Auto-Feed (40910), EasyBird Auto-Feed Doubles (45322) and EasyBird Auto-Feed 6-Packers (40911)
  • Two arc settings of 45 degrees and 34.28 degrees for ATA competition
  • 3-amp circuit breaker protects oscillating motor
  • Easily mounts to Champion Trap Taxi (40261) sold separately
  • Quick disconnect power cord
  • Not compatible with WheelyBird™ Auto-Feed Trap (40909)

40913 Easybird Auto-Feed Oscillating Base
MSRP 324.45

Download Instruction Manual (.pdf)

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